Dear Patients:


If you have the following symptoms please Do Not Walk Into The Office:

Symptoms Concerning for Coronavirus Infection:







In order to prevent spread of this virus we ask you call ahead of time and let office staff know you are concerned about having COVID-19 infection.  This will help keep other patients and staff safe and healthy.  When you call North Raleigh Medical Center regarding COVID-19 concerns please note the following:

  • Our staff will obtain further screening information 

  • Currently, we are not testing for COVID-19 as there is a long delay in getting results

  • All testing is recommended to be done at state-monitored testing sites

  • TeleMed visit options can be discussed based on phone screening information



There is no specific medication treatment for the Coronavirus. Treatment is supportive (rest, hydration, fever control and close observation). The most important action is self-quarantine.  In addition, wash your hands frequently for at least 20 seconds and avoid touching your face. If your symptoms worsen, you may need to go to the emergency department for further evaluation and treatment.

Please recognize even if you do not have the above symptoms you could contract and spread the Coronavirus. You can possibly still spread the virus without showing symptoms.  We encourage patients to work from home, reduce social gatherings, post-pone travel, etc.

Our goal is to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible!  By working together, we hope to control the spread of COVID-19 and gradually eliminate the disease.


We will do our best to continue to update you in this rapidly changing Covid-19 pandemic as we get more information. 



Use the following CDC & NCDHHS links to update yourself daily:

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