sinus infections sinusitis

Normally, sinuses are able to filter and humidify the air we breathe, but when these tiny passageways become blocked due to allergens or inflammation, the stage is set for a sinus infection, also called sinusitis.

Types of Sinus Infections

There are two types of sinus infections: acute and chronic. Acute sinusitis can last up to four weeks, while chronic sinusitis lasts more than four weeks and may occur more than four times a year. Chronic sinusitis should be evaluated by a physician, because it can be caused by severe allergies, nasal tumors or even respiratory tract infections. Some people may even have structural problems with their sinuses which can lead to chronic infections.

Symptoms of Sinusitis

Postnasal drip

Sore throat





Bad breath

Stuffy nose

Because most sinus infections are caused by viruses, antibiotics are not effective against them. It is unwise to take antibiotics when they are not needed because this may lead to antibacterial resistance, meaning that germs will become “immune” to certain medications. Your physician can determine if the source of the sinusitis is likely to be viral or bacterial.

What Patients Say

Dr. Sachdeva is the most caring Doctor I have seen. She is amazing and provides good feedback on keeping the good balance between tablets, exercise and monitoring. She stresses on wellness rather than illness. She is very courteous and professional.

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I have been of patient of the North Raleigh Medical Center for almost 15 years. The staff always has been welcoming and accommodating. I enjoy the convenience of the walk-in clinic for my family’s needs. All the providers give comprehensive yet compassionate care.

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