Stress test

A stress test enables a physician to learn how well your heart works during exercise. This may also be called an exercise test or a treadmill test. Physicians use exercise stress tests to determine a safe level of exercise or diagnose heart-related problems. The test can help diagnose coronary artery disease, determine the cause of chest pain, lightheadedness or dizziness.

How Does A Stress Test Work?

During the test, the patient is hooked up to heart-monitoring equipment and walks on a treadmill. The speed and incline is gradually increased. During the test, the patient’s heart rate, blood pressure and heart rhythm are carefully monitored.

What Patients Say

Dr. Sachdeva is the most caring Doctor I have seen. She is amazing and provides good feedback on keeping the good balance between tablets, exercise and monitoring. She stresses on wellness rather than illness. She is very courteous and professional.

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I have been of patient of the North Raleigh Medical Center for almost 15 years. The staff always has been welcoming and accommodating. I enjoy the convenience of the walk-in clinic for my family’s needs. All the providers give comprehensive yet compassionate care.

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